BME professors are looking for new EELISA Community Partners

Prof. Dr. Gyula Zilahy from the BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciencesis is looking for parters from EELISA institutions who are engaged in the topic of multidisciplinary sustainabilty science.

The intended EELISA Community aims to support young scholars – both Ph.D.-students and young post-doctoral researchers – along their path to top quality research and publication. The target group includes all young researchers of the EELISA universities, who carry out multidisciplinary research covering the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable development.

Intended activities involve the organisation of conferences and workshops for both young scholars and their advisors in order to facilitate research in the topic.

Dr. Mária Csete Szalmáné, Vice Dean for international affairs at the BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, is all about climate innovation. Therefore, she would love to grow an EELISA Community on this passion. The aim of the Climate Innovation EELISA community is to support climate innovation skill development for the new European Engineer. Climate change poses significant challenges to our society, and engineers could play a crucial role to provide potential climate innovation solutions.  Education can confer future engineers the necessary skillset and toolkit to successfully face climate challenges. With EELISA partner institutions, this Community will delve into research, discussion, and knowledge exchange to develop a guideline for climate innovation micro-credentials to upskill both engineering professors and students at our universities. 

You would like to be a founding member of these Communities? Then please contact Sarolta Tóvölgyi from BME.