Terms of Use and Netiquette

Welcome to the EELISA Communtiy platform!

With your registration in the EELISA Community platform, we welcome you as a member of the EELISA European University Ecosystem. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone who studies, teaches or researches at one of the EELISA institutions (BME, ENPC, FAU, ITÜ, PSL, SNS, SSSA, UPB, UPM) or is otherwise employed at one of the EELISA institutions. Moreover, we invite close EELISA external ecosystem players to visit the EELISA Community platform, register and participate actively.

To register or login, please use your local university login credentials for edugain or as an external ecosystem player, please fill out the registration form provided.

By using the “EELISA Community Plattform” provided by the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), I declare my consent to the following points to the operator FAU:

  1. I commit myself to only use the platform for its actual purposes. This includes in particular that
  • I am entitled to participate in the EELISA Community platform because I am connected to EELISA (current or former student, researcher, lecturer or employee or close EELISA external ecosystem player)
  • I do not make my access data available to any third party
  • I use the platform exclusively for my private purpose or for EELISA purposes (e.g. information and communication exchange about activities and events at one of the EELISA institutions/ in EELISA Communities, giving or receiving EELISA badges)
  • I do not purpuse any commercial goals with the use
  • I will not make digital copies of other members’ data and
  • I do not make copies – even in part – of the platform and the information contained therein.
  1. I commit myself to a fair behavior within the EELISA Community platform. This includes in particular that
  • I protect and preserve the integrity of other users; in particular, I will not publish any personally harmful content or the like on the EELISA Community platform or communicate in any other harmful and impolite way
  • I disclose and identify myself clearly with my name in the EELISA Community portal
  • I do not log into the EELISA Community platform with another identity
  • I do not post any content on the EELISA Community platform that violates applicable laws or the rights of third parties, in particular the content must not contain any pornographic, violent or racist conent
  • I do not post any files that may be or appear to be infected with a virus
  1. I acknowledge that the operator is not liable for any damage that may result from the use of the system
  2. I acknowledge that there is no gurantee of the availability of the services or their functionality.
  3. I recognize the administration’s right to edit, move, delete and close topics and posts, and to block the user if the netiquette is violated.
  4. I acknowledge that the respective user or Community page administrator is responsible for all data or content posted. The operator assumes no liablity for their technical quality or their content.
  5. Furthermore, the operator assumes no responsibility for information from external links that are published on this site.
  6. With regard to the imprint and other supplementary regulations of the operator, reference is made here.