EELISA Credentials

EELISA Communities are strongly connected to EELISA credentials. EELISA credentials are like a passport of learning outcomes which includes multiple learning badges. A badge comprises and combines the information which SDG and which learning outcome an EELISA activity provided in an EELISA Community addresses. We expect that all EELISA activities proposed in this call that are related to education will be awarded with EELISA badge(s).

CREDENTIAL AWARDING SYSTEM (See detailed guidelines here)


Credential = Recognition of knowledge and skills acquired by participants in EELISA community activities.

A progressive and cumulative system = badges collected according to levels of impact (1 to 5) on the 17 UNs sustainable development goals.


5 impact levels:​

  • 1 = discovery (e.g. attending a conference)​
  • 2 = knowledge (e.g. attending a lecture with exercises and scenarios)​
  • 3 = engagement (e.g. organizing a public communication)​
  • 4 = action (e.g. propose a project)​
  • 5 = transformation (e.g. implement a transforming action with KPIs)

The impact levels correspond to a progression in the knowledge acquired and skills implemented (=learning objectives). This progressiveness exists in the pedagogical methods and the assessment methods.

For the issuance of credentials, please fill the template below once your activity has occurred and drop it in a secure repository via the following link: Participation Data Report.

If you have questions regarding EELISA credentials and badges, please feel free to contact the EELISA office at