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Conscious of the necessity of cultural change in the transition to openness, we want to support the change in the societies of the alliance and member institutions by following the current global developments, with the awareness ...

Conscious of the necessity of cultural change in the transition to openness, we want to support the change in the societies of the alliance and member institutions by following the current global developments, with the awareness of our strength coming from the competencies of EELISA. Our aim is to empower research, education and innovation through open science practices to increase efficiency and productivity in light of the EU’s open science policy. We want to bring together and work with all beneficiaries, stakeholders and experts to ensure society gets the most out of science through the policies, strategies and tools developed by EELISA to be part of the open science ecosystem. Accordingly, the community sets forth its mission to promote the systematic development of the open science ecosystem across disciplines and among EELISA members and communities. One of the main activities of this group will be to advocate and raise awareness of open science through organized events at all levels (workshops, information days, panels, etc.) and to support open collaboration with potential multi-participant projects.

Networking, sharing knowledge and best practices within and between other EELISA communities and European open science societies/working groups (such as LERU Open Science Ambassadors) will be another area of focus for the Community. The EELISA OSC also aims to be a part of initiatives related to open science elements and to ensure that the most knowledgeable and talented representatives of EELISA are involved in these initiatives.

This community will seek to pool resources to create a database of recommendations and best practices for open science practitioners. In addition, it will be one of the important goals of EELISA OSC to bring together professionals from different fields/disciplines under training, workshops and working groups to support and develop the open science skills of EELISA partners. Participation in the creation of an EELISA Training Program focusing on Open Science will also be provided.

During its work, the eight objectives of the EU open science policy will be followed and the community will promote the use of tools and services provided by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

OSC @ EELISA Communities pitches - Budapest September 2022

RBL Symposium 2022 | Openness in Education

What is Open Science ?

"An  inclusive construct that combines various movements and practices aiming to  make  multilingual  scientific  knowledge  openly  available,  accessible  and  reusable  for  everyone,  to  increase  scientific  collaborations  and  sharing  of  information for the benefits of science and society, and to open the processes of scientific knowledge creation, evaluation and communication to societal actors beyond the traditional scientific community. It comprises all scientific disciplines  and  aspects  of  scholarly  practices,  including  basic  and  applied  sciences, natural and social sciences and the humanities, and it builds on the following key pillars: open scientific knowledge, open science infrastructures, science  communication,  open  engagement  of  societal  actors  and  open  dialogue with other knowledge systems..." UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

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If you are an academic, researcher, student, librarian or innovator interested in working on open access publishing, open research data, open research software, institutional repositories, open educational materials, or open science-based academic assessment methods, your contribution to this community will help create a culture of openness within EELISA

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Activities in Open Science Community

Academic job offer
Dec 2023 - Dec 2043
The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is envisioning the possible opening of one position of Assistant professor with ...
Open for application
Introduction to Science and Tech Diplomacy: the new geopolitics of technology
Course / Seminar
Oct 2023 - Jan 2024
Call for Papers Course: Introduction to Science and Tech Diplomacy: the new geopolitics of technology Objectives Deep transformations ...
Open for application
12 scholarships for a PhD in Biorobotics 2023-24 funded by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and by BioRobotics Institute in Pisa
Academic job offer
Oct 2023 - Sep 2026
The PhD in BioRobotics is a full-time mandatory attendance three-year programme. In line with the standards of excellence ...
Open for application
Workshop: “New occupation and qualification in green and smart air transport”
Sep - Sep 2023
Period: 27-28 september 2023 Place: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Organisers: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UNESCO Chair), Universidad Politécnica ...
Open for application
ISMT conference with travel awards for EELISA guests
Sep - Sep 2023
Medical technology is one of Germany’s most important economic sectors, with the aim of improving patient care and ...
KNU – FAU Summer School 2023 «Democracy Building in Times of War»
Summer / Winter / Seasonal schools
Jul - Aug 2023
A two-week Summer School organized by KNU-FAU Alliance and funded by DAAD Deepen your knowledge of democratization, rule ...
Open for application
Summer School “Sustainable farming and food systems in the EU law and policy framework” in Pisa
Summer / Winter / Seasonal schools
Jul - Jul 2023
Focus area Law, welfare & public management Venue Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Application deadline 12.06.2023 Period 24 -28 July ...
Open for application
“Green and Intelligent Road Vehicles for Sustainable Transport” International Summer School at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
Summer / Winter / Seasonal schools
Jul - Jul 2023
“Green and Intelligent Road Vehicles for Sustainable Transport”  International Summer School at UPB 17 July – 21 July 2023 ...