How does innovation and design in European engineering education evolve? Join the IDEEE Community Online Conference with Natascha Eckert (Siemens) and Sébastien Massard (Dassault Systèmes) – April 12th, 2022

Online Conference

When? This online conference will be held on April 12th, 2022 from 4pm to 6pm (CEST).
Where? Online, the zoom link will be provided upon registration.
Who? It is organized by the Innovation and Design in European Engineering Education (IDEEE) community and open to everyone interested in the future of European engineering education.

A growing consensus is developing in the design community that we collectively need new design paradigms to face current challenges. Indeed, from one side, we are currently in a period of intensive innovation characterized by an acceleration of the renewal of product and services. On the other side, the current transitions ahead of us (energetic, demographic, numeric…), call for the implementation of new design practices by engineers, scientists and managers.

Historically, unprecedent needs for new design activities led to a renewal of both design theories and engineering corpus. The IDEEE community reflects upon the current evolutions of innovation and design in European engineering education through the organisation of regular thematic-based conferences.   

In this first online conference of the IDEEE community, we tackle our question from an industrial point of view. We focus on identifying the new design needs of industrial companies and the future those needs entail. To do so, we invited two industrial observers of the current transformations: Natascha Eckert, Head of Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem and Sébastien Massard, Chief Corporate Strategist at Dassault Systèmes.

Natascha Eckert will deliver a presentation entitled “Why and how do companies contribute to the renewal of Design-Based education? Lessons learned from Siemens and its Research and Innovation Ecosystem program”. Sébastien Massart will deliver a presentation entitled “Who will engineer the Industry Renaissance?” Both presentations will be discussed and will to an open debate within the audience.

If you are interested please register here.

Photo credit: by Surface on Unsplash