First EELISA Call for Joint inter-institutional Activities in Communities: up to 300,000 Euro total budget

More information on the call as well as a Q&A section can be found here:


The European University EELISA calls for active participation in the EELISA Communities. Support will be provided for joint activities to EELISA Communities or participating transnationally in activities offered by EELISA Communities.

Proposals can be submitted until 24 July 2022.

General information about EELISA & rationale of the call

  • In November 2020, the European University EELISA (European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance) was born. EELISA unites nine universities from seven countries: BME in Hungary, ITU in Turkey, SNS and SSSA in Italy, UPM in Spain, UPB in Romania, FAU in Germany as well as ENPC and PSL in France. It thus represents more than 180,000 students, around 16,000 academics, 11,000 administrators and around 50,000 graduates per year.
  • It is EELISA’s mission to boost engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship and to create a model for Europe for solving societal challenges through smart and sustainable solutions. Read more on:  
  • EELISA Communities are the cornerstones for this innovative approach. EELISA Communities are mission-driven, multi-stakeholder (students, teachers, researchers, companies, NGOs, start-ups and public authorities), multi-disciplinary and international working groups. EELISA Community members collaborate to contribute to a common mission related to the European environment, economy and society.

EELISA Community activities are defined as educational, research, innovation, or third mission activities in which students or university staff members from at least two different EELISA institutions participate or provide the activity.

In order to join an existing EELISA Community and get connected to interesting members in the EELISA ecosystem, please visit the EELISA Community platform. For questions regarding the EELISA Communities, please contact  

Eligible activities

With respect to this call, EELISA Community activities are defined as educational, research, innovation, or outreach activities. Eligible activities have to be organized by EELISA institutional partners from at least two different countries.

The major focuses of this call are: 

  • Boosting transnational mobility (virtual, blended, physical, hybrid formats)
  • Fostering cross-sectional networking within EELISA and the visibility of Community activities

Involvement in the proposed activity shall be recognized by issuing badges for the EELISA Credentials of students participating in the activity.

Designing new EELISA Community activities as well as opening up existing activities are eligible. Possible EELISA activities include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Summer / Winter / Seasonal Schools
  • Student contests, e.g. hackathons, idea contests or capstone projects
  • International seminars/ lecture series/ MOOCs / hybrid or blended teaching
  • Cross-institutional internships, Bachelor/ Master theses, and transnational company visits
  • Social events contributing to broader social welfare and sustainability
  • Doctoral Colloquia
  • Research retreats, symposia or conferences with student participation
  • Etc.

Target group

The call is open to university educators, researchers, students, and staff from all EELISA institutions. Applications from alle disciplines are welcome, with a preferred relation to innovation, technical solutions and an engineering mindset.


Submission Deadline: 24 July 2022

Feedback on selected activities: 2 September 2022 at the EELISA Executive Board meeting in Budapest

Period during which the activities can be carried out: 1 October 2022 30 April 2023

Evaluation criteria

We welcome short and concise proposals with a clear project/activity, written in English (see below for template).

  • Measureable impact to the EELISA Community (e.g. number and diversity of participants, engagement of stakeholders, societal impact, scientific reputation, visibility, etc.)
  • Ability to be recognized with an EELISA Credential, addressing SDGs and learning outcome levels
  • Diversity of stakeholders (universities, countries, externals etc.) and international outreach
  • Clear project/activity concept and goals; comprehensibility of the applied measures; resource efficiency
  • Long-term effect of the collaboration raised within the activity; likeliness that the activity can be sustained or prolonged, e.g. in an ongoing programme

Dimensions of financial support (potentially eligible costs)

EELISA will support selected EELISA Community activities with an amount of up to 8,000 Euro per activity for personnel and other costs (expenses related to the organisation of an event, technical support, dissemination). Additionally, EELISA will provide travel and subsistence costs for participants. The activity organizers must indicate the number of incoming participants with physical mobility that they expect. If the activity is funded, the organizers will receive funding for personnel and other costs, while participants’ mobility will be funded by their respective home institution. 

In total, EELISA institutions will provide a budget of up to 200.000 Euro for mobilities and up to 100.000 Euro for personnel and other costs. Funding is based on the principle that each EELISA member supports its staff and students for outgoing mobility and activities that are organized locally. 

Application process

Please use this template to apply for the call and send the completed document as one PDF to and no later than 24 July 2022.